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Wood Mill Lab was established in Atlanta by two longtime friends, Chris Hagen and Jeff Chambers. Trained as artisans, they are known for their custom finishes and have a passion for making beautiful things. The method of the company is to provide turnkey service to commercial and residential designers. Since opening in 2014 WML has become known for solving complicated project requests and rising to the challenge of difficult engineering.

The Wood Mill Lab team looks forward to becoming an integral part of your commercial projects or beginning your client's family feud over cherished possessions.


Jeff likes to say he's been lucky to have a family of eclectic talents to gain his ability to produce original art work and to fix and fabricate furniture.

He knew right away being an artist and a craftsman was his calling. Receiving a BFA from Atlanta College of Art in 2001, Jeff remained in Atlanta and started working for a furniture design and import company where he met the other half of WML, Chris Hagen.


From the start, Jeff was ecstatic for his first opportunity to produce original custom furniture and he began to master his ability to visualize furniture fabrication.


Jeff embraces the challenge of creating custom pieces with a conviction that "if we can draw it, we can make it." Jeff applies his love of creating and obsession with perfect craftsmanship to each and every project.

Together he and Chris have worked towards making WML the standard of consideration, design, and execution for the custom furniture experience.

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Chris Hagen is our color savant and finishing specialist. His Superpower is he can duplicate any color from memory. 


Chris grew up in a loving family of inventors and small business owners and was able to draw on these talents to build his passion for design.


Chris uses his design degree from the American College of Art in London, and 30 years of experience working in the interior design industry. Twelve of these years were designing the finishes for Pierce Martin where he met Jeff Chambers, his business partner at WML.


Working with Jeff creating beautiful furniture every day is his dream job!


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